Why Did Maria Panchita Fall in Love with Un Cholo Guapo?

Los Mentaos de la Manigua, a Montubio band in Ecuador, promotes oral tradition through their music, which sends a positive message to youth of preserving tradition and culture.

In this song, Maria Panchita searches for her type of love outside of her community. During the colonial era, it was taboo for Spanish and Indigenous descendants to intermarry with each other. It was the LAW.

But this did not stop Maria Panchita. The lyrics reads, “With my Paja de Toquilla hat from Jipijapa, I will go to Madrid but in hopes of finding un cholo guapo (a handsome Indigenous man). Because I don’t find any of them in my town.”

Maria Panchita went after what she truly loved. Not even the laws of ethnic conduct stopped her. Even though she got in trouble with her mother, she responds, “Nobody will punish me because I’m telling the truth. I want to find un cholo guapo.” Maria Panchita’s act of resistance is also an act of pure love according to Montubio tradition. She represents courage, determination, and perseverance and sets a fine example for mixed-Indigenous youth to preserve tradition and above all, love themselves for who they are. 

Take a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song of Maria Panchita that promotes a good message to our generation.

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