PhD Indigenous Student Kicked Out of the Cafeteria in the 21st Century

Author: ;
Date: November 13, 2013


Tuxtla Gutierrez , Chis . ( ) . – Roxox Ali, a Guatemalan Indigenous PhD student of the Center for Higher Studies of Mexico and Central America at the University of Science and Arts of Chiapas, was kicked out of a café because she was confused as a local vendor.

Ali Roxox was arrested at the door step of the pastry business French Oh la la as the owner said to her that she could not sale products in his store. It has not been the first time this happened to Indigenous people in this store. “I am so humiliated by the violence and racism towards Native women in this village,” said Sobrino Balcorta Montserrat, also another University student.

Ali Roxox complains, “It is unfortunate that in the twenty-first century people still consider us Indigenous people as inferior based on his or her ethnic identity and in this context are associated as local vendors, illiterates, and are discriminated based on economic conditions.”

“But I say that the Indigenous people and I are on the very same level of intelligence, capabilities and have the same rights as others in this world. We have them and they should be applied to in different social spaces where we can navigate through academia, labor, politics, and economics.”

“I am a proud Indigenous woman of the Maya K’iche’ of Guatemala and have the opportunity to take advantage of the academic world to the best of my abilities.”

Translated by Santy Quinde.

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