Chevron: Poisoning La Pachamama

“In the 1960s, the American company Chevron under the Texaco brand extracted crude oil from the Amazonian rainforest generating high revenues in the corporate world but also committing one of the worst acts against nature and the indigenous people of Ecuador.”

Please view the youtube video:

This is an introduction of a YouTube video that a Cardinal Hayes (my high school) alum sent me yesterday afternoon via Facebook. His message reads:

I noticed you started a blog about the indigenous culture and was wondering if you’re aware of the ongoing lawsuit between the Ecuadorian government and Chevron. I believe we Ecuadorians, regardless social class, must help raise awareness of the atrocity committed by Chevron. The aftermath is shocking and infuriating in case you’re not familiar with the issue. The Amazonian indigenous communities really paid the price.

From what I understand, Chevron pumped crude oil out of the delicate Amazonian rainforest for a couple of decades. But the real problem is their management skills, careless strategy, and ruthless attitude towards the environment and the people in the area. Chevron did not appropriately installed pipes to the ground; they let the pipes drain  in the river where the crude oil deposits and leaks. The crude oil also seeps in the sedimentary ground contaminating and killing all wildlife. This has been going on for decades.

The saddest part is the polluted river is the same water Indigenous people use to drink and bathe. The chemicals they absorb into their bodies alter their organ system and cause dramatic changes in their bodies. Some children are born without arms. Others are blind. And many die from this pollution.

In the mid-90s, Indigenous people protested against Chevron and its damaging operation in the rainforest. They filed a lawsuit. They demanded to clean up their mess and restore everything as was before their invasion. Chevron faced a lawsuit of $19 billion dollars and decided to shut down their operation and leave the rainforest. They do not plan to clean up their mess in the future. As we speak, the crude oil still contaminates wildlife and the polluted river harms Indigenous people. To this day, the Amazonian Indigenous people are not going giving up. They need your support by simply spreading awareness through Facebook, twitter, and Instagram that will inform the world of Chevron’s crime.

As Winona LaDuke mentioned, “Greed is what drives people to do these things.” Money is what drive companies to pump oil out of Mother Earth and that in and of itself is unnatural. The oil stays underground for a reason.

We need to stand up together and fight this war with the Indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon.Please click the link below, click on take action tab, and sign the petition to fire CEO John Watson who made the decision to NOT clean up the rainforest. Share this with your friends, family, and relatives and blow this post up full-time on your network. This is your chance to help our indigenous brothers and sisters who need your support and help.


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